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Want to quit? Get a coach.

Great coaches work with their players and team members to uncover what they are doing well and use that as a foundation for everything else.  Great coaches also help to uncover areas in need of improvement.  They help the team formulate a plan for meaningful change, growth and improvement.  They then help implement that strategy so the team is ready to have their best chance to win when tested in game conditions.

We must not be fearful or hesitant in measuring progress or results.  Good coaches not only watch the scoreboard but watch hours of film looking for ways to become a better person and produce better results in an atmosphere of excellence.

Developing people and building teams must not be a by-product of our leadership, but the foundation upon which every other effort takes place.  Turning out “task-producers” must always take second place to developing better leaders.  This must be done first and on purpose.

David currently serves as a leadership and management Coach for leaders in churches, organizations and the marketplace. He travels over 200 days per year in the USA and overseas helping leaders see their vision become a reality.

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"David is an absolute expert in coaching those who are already in leadership positions. The fruit of his ministry and impartation into local churches is tremendous -- absolutely the best!..."

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