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This book will change the way you do church.

"David has been burning in his heart and seeking God for years for this revelation and a way to introduce it to you. He has worked hard to get this book into your hands. I pray that you will read it slowly and meditate on every page.  The time has come for all of us to be able ministers of the New Testament!  A must read!"

Dr. Mark T. Barclay
Pastor, Living Word Church - Midland Michigan
Founder, Righteous Preacher’s Network

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David currently serves as a leadership and management Coach for leaders in churches, organizations and the marketplace. He travels over 200 days per year in the USA and overseas helping leaders see their vision become a reality.

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"David is an absolute expert in coaching those who are already in leadership positions. The fruit of his ministry and impartation into local churches is tremendous -- absolutely the best!..."

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