5 Things We Are Excellent At Doing

5 Things We Do Well

Since 1966, Dr. David Robinson has developed his leadership and management skills through a wide range of opportunities and challenges. He has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Theology from Logos Christian College & Seminary in St. Augustine, Florida. He has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Seminary in Augusta, Georgia and a PhD from Aidan University in Jacksonville, Florida.



5 Key Ingredients Of A Good Coach

  • Help clarify your mission, vision, values and strategy.
  • Help find out what you do best; do more of it; and do it better.
  • Help you sort through all available opportunities, prioritize, and stay focused.
  • Help determine specific action steps that will enable you and your team to reach your goals and fulfill your vision.
  • Help achieve balance in your life while still accomplishing your personal, family and ministry goals.

David currently serves as a leadership and management Coach for leaders in churches, organizations and the marketplace. He travels over 200 days per year in the USA and overseas helping leaders see their vision become a reality.

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"David is an absolute expert in coaching those who are already in leadership positions. The fruit of his ministry and impartation into local churches is tremendous -- absolutely the best!..."

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